How to make money on live bets

To win in betting, the bettor needs not only to have nerves of steel, but also to adhere to one or another strategy of sports betting. You can use those that have already been created by professional players, or you can create your own, which will be no less effective and will bring stable income. Naturally, it is not easy to create, but the game is worth the candle.

What is a betting strategy and why is it needed

Some people use the word “Strategy” to mean complex computational processes and formulas. Perhaps in other areas of activity it is, but if we consider this concept for sports betting, then this is a set of principles or sequential actions that are formed on the basis of their experience and statistical indicators.

Even the most successful bettors have failed to create a win-win betting strategy. Good tactics do not guarantee 100% profit, but rather avoid mistakes that other players previously made. In this regard, it is especially possible to highlight the strategies that are created to manage your bankroll.

Choosing a strategy, you must be guided by all its principles and follow its rules. Not everyone can do this – you need discipline and trust in the scheme, which is described in the strategy. If you have just started to conclude deals in a bookmaker’s office, then it is advisable to use the services of professional bettors who will tell you how to beat the bookmaker correctly and get a stable profit. The best sports predictions from professionals will allow you to gain profit already at the end of the first playing day.

Where to start a bettor

To be able to conclude profitable deals for yourself in a bookmaker’s office is a whole science, which the vast majority of our planet cannot comprehend. We took this information not from our heads, but based on rather deplorable numbers: in the bookmaker’s office only 10% of the players manage to win, and the rest only lose their funds. From this, we can conclude why the number of bookmakers is only growing every year and this business is one of the most prosperous: out of 10 players registered in the bookmaker, only one, at best, will receive a stable profit.

In most cases, a player cannot receive a stable profit for one simple reason – a large margin of bookmakers. Yes, bookmakers make money not only from winning or losing a particular bet. The coefficients contain the margin – the guaranteed profit of the bookmaker. That is why in matches in which the probability of winning teams is estimated with a probability of 50/50, bookmakers set odds not 2.00, but 1.9. Thus, the first thing a novice player needs to do is to find the company in which this margin will be the least. On average, this indicator should be at the level of 2-5%. Up-to-date and honest information about bookmaker companies can be found on the Bookmaker Rating website. Relying on the information provided in this resource, the player can choose the most fair bookmaker and make profitable bets for himself.

What lies at the heart of the strategy

Any strategy is based on the experience gained, as well as the revealed pattern, which can be determined both with the help of personal observations and with the help of special sites with statistical information. In our opinion, one of the best statistics resources is FlashScore. Experience in any field is acquired over time. So in sports betting – you have to lose a certain amount of money and be in the red for a long time. It also takes a lot of effort and work to find a pattern.