Easy Money betting system

Easy Money is a sports betting strategy that consistently bets all the money on the most reliable matches in terms of winning, usually with small odds.

The size of the initial bet is chosen and a simple bet is placed on a reliable match, which will obviously have small odds, or a multiple bet is made, consisting of several reliable sporting events, also with low odds. This is only the first step, because all future winnings will need to be wagered on another match or on another ticket with multiple bets. The idea is to make big gains by taking small, safe steps.

Although the odds of 1.15 will not bring a significant win, but imagine 30 such odds won in a row. The final odds will be 66, and if the initial bet was 50 euros, the profit will be 3250 euros. However, these matches should not be played over several days; The 30th rate can be reached in a month. It is also important to set a goal for yourself, upon reaching which, complete the series of bets.

The table below shows a successfully completed progression, in which the initial bet is 1% of the pot, and the next bets are equal to the sum of the previous bet plus its winnings.

The Easy Money system can be easily adapted. One variation of this strategy is to follow the same sequential steps, but only with a constant rate. The size of the bet must remain the same regardless of whether you win or lose. Usually bets are placed on favorites with odds ranging from 1.07 to 1.15, but also on a goal scored and on other types of bets that seem to be correct.

What are the advantages of the Easy Money system?

In theory at least, this system has a very good chance of winning. Although it is necessary to place bets on a large number of sporting events for a significant win, on the other hand, there is no time limit when choosing these predictions. Thus, you can analyze in detail and select the matches and sporting events that seem to be the most reliable.

Another important advantage for the modified system is the fact that if you lose after a few successful steps, your loss will be only the size of the initial bet, relatively small compared to the size of the total winnings.

What are the disadvantages of the Easy Money strategy?

Naturally, we are not dealing with an ideal system. One of the downsides to this strategy is that if you fail after a month of hard work, you will be left with nothing. It is true that the amount invested is not that great, but the feeling after a month’s worth of diligent analysis of matches can be discouraging.

Another problem with self-control, which can affect especially novice players, is that after winning the first steps, each player will increasingly tend to see “reliable” matches. Thus, newcomers to the betting industry will fall prey to this temptation and start betting on multiple matches without properly analyzing them. The result will, of course, be negative.