Site mirror: what it is and how is it used in betting

Bookmakers are in great demand these days especially Many of them have mirrors, and some may have more than one mirror. Let’s try to understand what bookmaker mirrors are and why they are generally needed.

What is a site mirror?

A site mirror is a special site that is an exact copy of an Internet resource, but located at a different address. That is, this is a site that fully copies all the functions and capabilities of a particular site but has a different address.

Originally, site mirrors were designed to combat server congestion. When there were too many users on a particular Internet resource, some of them were redirected to the mirror, which made it possible to unload the site.

Nowadays, site mirrors are also often used for these purposes, but in addition they are also used to protect against blocking, so we can say, first of all, about the mirrors of bookmakers, which, as you know, are often blocked.

Where to find bookmaker mirrors?

If the bookmaker you are using is blocked and you cannot use it, then you can always try to go to its mirror. The question immediately arises – how can you find out the link to a blocked Internet resource? Most bookmakers are interested in that their users, if blocked, go to their mirrors, so links to such Internet resources can be distributed in various ways:

By email. Many bookmakers create an e-mail newsletter for their users, in which they post links to their mirror.
By SMS. If the bookmaker knows your mobile phone, then there is a high probability that it will carry out an SMS mailing, in which it will send you a link to its mirror, if the main site is blocked.
In groups on social networks. Many bookmakers have groups on social networks, where they post relevant information for their users, including links to their mirrors. There are also groups dedicated to betting, where you can find bookmaker mirrors and other useful information.

On forums and special sites. On forums and sites dedicated to sports betting, you can often find up-to-date lists of bookmaker mirrors.
Bookmaker mirrors are also not permanent, they work temporarily until they are noticed by the relevant services, after which they are also blocked.